Achieving the Publishing Goal: 7 Reasons Why Authors Need to Self Publish a Book

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Who doesn’t want to enjoy the company of thousands of authors with creative freedom and a significant portion of royalties?

When it comes to self publishing, it used to be the last resort for new authors who were unable to break through the traditional publishing methods. Those authors took matters into their own hands and self-published their books.

Before self publishing became an option, authors had to go to bookstores with printed manuscripts in order to get their books published. Inconvenience in moving across the cities and countries was a significant concern for authors because of damage that occurred to manuscripts, as well as the problem of trust.

Yet, sometimes situations and circumstances can vary, and you might get busy. To save your time to self publish a book, you can hire Book Writing Experts, a leading book publishing company. Our experts will provide top self publishing services and let your book surpass all competitors. Connect with us today and self publish a book at affordable prices.

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In this blog, we will examine seven compelling reasons why authors should think about self publishing their books and show how this approach can open gates to success, creative freedom, and possibilities. 

  • 1. Self Publishing A Book Can Provide Complete Freedom

Self book publishing is a way that leads to independence. What pushes company owners to start their own companies? The majority aspire to be their own boss. You can make that fantasy a reality. Self Publishing is a powerful method that can offer you complete control over your book without the need of a traditional publisher.

  • 2. Speed, Flexibility, and Less Waiting 

With extensive submission deadlines, editing changes, and marketing plans, traditional publishing may be a time-consuming process. However, self publishing provides both speed and freedom. The publication time frame is entirely up to the authors, who can then immediately publish their book. This flexibility is especially useful for time-sensitive topics or current events where timeliness is essential to the book’s success. To self publish a book, you don’t need to wait a lot anymore. Your ebook may be posted to digital stores in less than six hours.

  • 3. Self Book Publishing Leads to Global Reach

Self published authors can now reach an extensive worldwide audience because of the rise of digital platforms like Amazon KDP, Apple Books, and others which is brought by democratized publishing. With ebooks and print-on-demand options, readers from different corners of the world can access an author’s work with ease. This international reach cuts beyond regional boundaries and creates new opportunities for exposure and success.

  • 4. Creative Control 

Self book publishing grants authors the unique freedom of creativity, which is one of the most enticing benefits of it. In conventional publishing, authors frequently have to give up some of their original ideas in order to fit into the tastes of the book publisher and the needs of the market. On the other hand, to self publish a book, authors are given the freedom to choose every element of their work, from the cover art to the narrative structure. A more genuine and enjoyable reading experience for the audience is produced as a result of the authors’ freedom to remain devoted to their artistic expression.

Whether you self publish a book on Amazon or any other platform, it helps you control every stage while self publishing. You may pick the title you want, the typeface you want, and the adverts you want to use for the cover. The decision you make is final and no one will change it. 

  • 5. Easy Updates and Revisions 

When it comes to updating or modifying a book, traditional publishing presents major challenges. New versions often ask for an entirely fresh print run, adding to the expenses and perhaps wasting printed materials. In contrast, self publishing provides the ease of simple updates and adjustments. Authors can now update their books, eliminate all typos, and publish new versions without committing significant costs, ensuring their work is up-to-date and useful.

  • 6. Targeting the Niche Audience and Demographics

Self book publishing enables authors to target specific audiences, whereas traditional publishers frequently favor publications with a wide audience reach. Readership for authors who write on certain subjects or genres can be found in specialized groups. This niche targeting promotes stronger reader connections, as the audience feels seen and understood by the author’s specialized material, which strengthens reader relationships.

  • 7. You Can Gain High Royalties By Self Publishing A Book

Authors often get royalties under the traditional publishing model that range from 7% to 25% of the book’s retail price. On the other hand, self published authors can benefit from far greater royalties, sometimes up to 70% or more, depending on the platform and price options. For authors looking to properly market their work, this financial incentive might be a game-changer.


In conclusion, self publishing has changed from being viewed as a last alternative for manuscripts that were rejected to being a strong and practical choice for authors all over the world. The seven reasons discussed in this post serve as an excellent illustration of the many advantages of self publishing, including creative control, flexibility, greater royalties, worldwide distribution, simple updates, specialized audience targeting, and a sense of empowerment.

While traditional publishing still plays an important role in the literary world, self publishing has democratized the publishing process providing authors with exceeding opportunities to achieve their publishing goals while connecting with the readers.

If you are looking to self publish a book but are confused or need more consultation, contact Book Writing Experts today and let them handle it. They will provide the top self book publishing services that will lead to higher royalties and global brand recognition.

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